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There is really not much worse mail you can get besides an IRS Audit Letter. You know the letter that says “Come on down to see us or we’ll be out to see you. Oh, and by the way, bring in every piece of paper you have for the last 3 years.”

The time away from your job and family is considerable when dealing with an IRS Audit. The worst part is that if you don’t comply, the cost of any changes by the Auditor can be more than your annual income with all the Penalties and Interest. We don’t suggest that any individual or business meet with the IRS directly in connection with an audit. The IRS Auditors are trained to get more information out of you than you are required to provide. They audit people and businesses all day long, every day! How are you supposed to WIN?

The first thing we recommend is that you don’t speak or meet with the Auditor. Have an independent Attorney handle all correspondence and meetings with the IRS. This puts the IRS on notice that you are serious about winning your audit. The preparation before the audit appointment is extremely important.

Our Firm handles IRS Audits by actually performing an audit of your records in our office before the scheduled Audit Date. This way we uncover any areas where your documentation is not adequate before the IRS Auditor looks at your records.

IRS Audits usually start with one year and then expand to other years as the auditor makes changes. Your goal must be “To stop the Auditors in their tracks on the first year being audited in order to prevent any additional changes in other years.”

Our firm meets with the IRS Auditor in either their office or our office, BUT Not In Your Home or Office. Our methods allow you to continue on with your business and personal life and let us deal directly with the IRS.

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